What is the best Light Sport Aircraft?

The Bristell because it climbs well up to 15,500 feet.

Bristells can almost always find the smooth air for a pleasant flight.


Please call Lou Mancuso at 516-658-1847 for assistance in completing the spec sheet for your dream Bristell


The Bristell S-LSA was designed by and is produced by Milan Bristela in the Czech Republic. 

Milan produced several LSA aircraft before he designed the amazing Bristell S-LSA.

Milan's just in time manufacturing process in his new facility in the Czech Republic assures low cost production and high quality manufacturing. You can find Milan and his son Martin walking the factory floor overseeing production on a daily basis.

In the summer of 2014, Milan committed to Louis Mancuso and Sport Flying USA, Inc. to be his representative and importer for the United States. The Mancuso's have operated an FBO and flight school on Long Island since 1946 under the name Mid Island Air Service, Inc. Some of their accomplishments are:

  • Making thousands of pilots, many of whom are now airline pilots.

  • Number one selling Piper Dealer several times.

  • We trained Dowling College students for over twenty years.

  • We have been training BOCES high school students for over twenty years.

Lou Mancuso has spent over 50 years promoting safety in aviation and is excited to bring his knowledge to the Bristell family. He has already spent thousands of dollars on spare parts to assure Bristell owners keep their planes flying and are not spending their hard earned money on transatlantic shipping cost.

Lou Mancuso's Personal Limitations Checklist, "Expert Decision Making, Think like a Pro"  was authored in 1992 and is used every day by all renter pilots at Mid Island Air Service in an effort to promote safety. Lou has recently created (GPA) Ground Proximity Awareness training as a tool to make better pilots who can land gently and are proficient in crosswind landings. All Bristell owners will be able to take advantage of these important safety aids.


This is a photo of Captain John, Trey, Rathmell placing an item in the wing locker of Bristell N922BL. John was a US Air Force T-38 and C-130 pilot and currently pilots a Lear Jet when he is not selling and delivering Bristell LSA aircraft. John is the General Manager of Liberty Sport Aviation in Lancaster, PA where his company specializes in LSA operations. Their mechanic Rich Maisano is a trained Rotax mechanic and an electrical wizard. Rich has experience in assembling Bristell kits for experimental use.

  Bristell Features that yield benefits such as performance enhancements, reliability, and safety:

  • The canopy closes easily and stays closed, thereby enhancing overall safety.
  • Stainless steel firewall for strength and fire protection.
  • Engine set forward to allow easy access for mechanics.
  • Carbon fiber carburetor heat box is durable and light weight.
  • The canopy design with the composite sunshade area on the top provides extra rollover protection and helps keep the cabin cool on a hot day. The Bristell canopy is made of 3mm thick 
  • GS-241 Plexiglas with high UV protection.


  •   Water tight wing lockers keep the wing dry which prevents future corrosion problems. Each locker can accommodate 44 pounds of storage items and the Bristell is light enough to carry the weight.
  • The Bristell uses all USA made AN hardware which is readily available from US parts distributors.
  • Empennage access panels allow easy access to the elevator trim servos.
  • The Bristell has an engine thermostats to assure correct engine temps, resulting in long engine life.
  • Empty Weight of about 720 lbs:                                                                                                                    Better climb performance all the way to 14,000 feet.                                                                   Carry two adults, baggage, and 6 hours of fuel.....just amazing!!!!       

  • Cabin width of 51 inches and adjustable rudder pedals provide extreme comfort. If you are 6'8" and 280 lbs....the Bristell S-LSA is the only LSA you should consider.   
  • Warm cabin heat and demister (defroster) is standard and an important feature not found on other LSA's

 The Bristell has a carburetor heat box that is recommended by Rotax and surprisingly not found on all LSAs. 

The Bristell has a steerable nose wheel and the nose fork has an oil shock absorber wrapped with a coil spring secondary shock absorber to protect the nose wheel assemble in the event of a hard landing.

The canopy design with the composite sunshade area on the top provides extra rollover protection and helps keep the cabin cool on a hot day. The Bristell canopy is made of 3mm thick GS-241 Plexiglas with high UV protection.