Kari Mancuso

Kari is the COO of Mid Island Air Realty and Bristell Aircraft. Kari handles all the banking needs and record keeping for the Hangar rental and Bristell import business.

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Lou has been flying since he was 15 years old and running the family FBO, Mid Island Air Service, Inc. since he graduated the University of Dayton in 1969. He has about 7000 hours and over 2000 hours as a CFI. He is passionate about safety and authored "The Personal Limitations Checklist, Expert Decision Making, Think like a Pro" in 1992, so his students and renter pilots would gain a better situational awareness regarding the possible dangers of flying. He is now know as "The Landing Doctor" and his safety protocols are enumerated in this web site.


Lou Mancuso

Susie Mancuso

Susie is President of The Mancuso Group, the family loan business that specializes in small aircraft loans to pilots with poor credit. 

John Rathmell

Captain John Rathmell co-ordinates all sales and deliveries of our Bristells when he is not flying a Lear Jet. He is our most enthusiastic member of our team. You will find Captain John, TRE, in Lancaster PA or at all of our shows.

Milan Bristela

Milan is the designer and manufacture of the Bristell and is located in the Czech Republic with his son Martin.

Rich Maisano

Rich is our lead light sport mechanic and is in charge of new aircraft certifications and assembly of our kits and experimental Bristells aircraft.  He is an active LSA pilot and a certified Rotax mechanic with heavy maintenance training.

Al Hubler

Al works out of our Lancaster Facility. He is a Master CFI, control tower operator, and retired FAA safety team leader. He has contributed to our GPA Training document and helps us with our shows, aircraft deliveries and training of new owners.

Don Lawrence 

Don started with Mid Island Air Service,Inc. in 2002. He is responsible for the great success of our monthly FAA Safety seminars. He organizes and sets up guest speakers for an average audience of 85 people but as much as 130. Don has a Private Pilot Certificate and was the proud owner of a Piper Warrior for many years.

John Coluccio

John is a certified A&P mechanic with an Inspector Authorization for Mid Island Air Service, Inc. He will be leading the maintenance program for the Flight Design certified IFR C4 that will arrive in 2016. He has received factory training from Cessna on their single engine, multi engine as well as the Conquest and Caravan turbo prop. As well as from Piper on their Malibu. And multiple jet aircraft.

John Ogozalek

John started flight training in 1958 at the age of 15 on a grass strip in Pennsylvania. He obtained his flight instructor rating in 1988. John retired from the insurance business in 2000. John owned and flew a Seneca for 14 years. He joined Mid Island as a part time CFI and Assistant Chief in 2000.

Michael Mancuso Partner

Michael started flying gliders when he was 11 years old. He soloed an airplane on his grandfather's farm when he was only 13. By the time he was 18,  he had his commercial pilots certificate and was off to a successful aerobatics career. Mike now has 14,000 hours and flys a corporate Jet as well as helps with the running of the FBO.

Vincent Basile  Partner

Vince joined Mid Island back in the 70's while the operation was still at Deer Park Airport. He is a CFI with a BS from Dowling College. His passion and expertise is in aircraft sales. He has sold hundreds of aircraft, everything from singles to jets to helicopters. He is also the point of contact for New York Jet Charter department. Vince has been a Mid Island Air Service, Inc. partner since 1993.

Gail Mancuso  Partner

Gail began working during the summers for the family business, Mid Island Air Service, Inc. after graduating high school. She experienced her first solo in a Cessna 150 at Deer Park Airport in the summer of 1972. Gail has her Private Pilot Certificate as well as her FAA Dispatcher Certificate.  She is General Manager of Mid Island Air Service, Inc. and will assist in integrating the Bristell trainer into the Mid Island Air Service, Inc. fleet of planes.

Jim Orehosky 

Jim took his first flight, in any kind of plane, in 1986 here at Mid Island. He flew on and off while earning his A.A.S. in Criminal Justice and then attending Dowling College majoring in Aeronautics and Management. In 2001, he made a leap of faith and changed careers, dispatching at our office in Islip. In 2003 he was promoted to Flight Operations Manager. Jim holds a Private Pilot Certificate which he earned here at Mid Island Air Service. 

Steve and Carrell Chase chasers03@gmail.com

"We are ecstatically happy Bristell Owners"