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During this video you can see the perfect landing attitude. Notice how Jeff maintains the perfect attitude for a long time prior to touch down. Notice how great his visibility is over the nose  during the landing process.  

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How to Grease you landing

Cirrus pilot stall spin-Here is what went wrong.

      1. She did not follow the Landing Doctor rule for climb:              

           "You must see over the nose... not enough airspeed in the climb

       2. Removed flaps before obtaining a safe climb speed and removed flaps in

             a turn. Never turn before flaps are retracted!!!                                                                                  

       3. She did not have a PLC-She should not have attempted to land with a 16

              knot crosswind/tail wind (Reason for so many go-arounss)                                 

       4. She violated the Landing Doctor Code and used more then a 15 degree bank                

              turn in the traffic pattern.    

       5. she violated the mantra "Fly the Plane" "Fly the Plane " "Fly the Plane" 

             She was not Master and Commander of her ship!

            FLY THE PLANE

  • Maintain AC control
  • Analyze the situation
  • Take appropriate action