Here are some more of the great features and benefits of our Bristell light sport aircraft.

The Garmin 10.6 inch PFD with GPS, ground terrain display, traffic and weather will make you gleeful. The Garmin autopilot holds altitude and tracks the GPS signal. The optional Garmin GMC 307 module makes the autopilot operations very simple.

The Bristell is built to last. You enter the plane by stepping on the spar and not on the wing. You do not need to step over the flap, just step on the spar.

 AS OF JULY 2016

Dual LED lights located in the wings, make the Bristell easy to see and provide good visibility during taxiing and takeoff and landing at night.

Our Bristell Spitfire has retractable gear and a top speed of  170 MPH with a 135 HP Rotax 915 Turbo Charged engine.

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The Bristell is wider than a Cirrus at 51 inches wide. Even the biggest pilots that are 6' 8" tall and weight 280 lbs are comfortable in a Bristell.


We love the FITI ground adjustable propeller. The electrically adjustable FITI makes the prop easily adjustable by the pilot. Use the takeoff maximum climb setting or the top cruise speed in flight setting.

 The Bristell is strong. Massive bolts are used to attach the wing to the fuselage.

The pilot has great visibility from the cockpit due to the wonderfully designed canopy.

Adjustable rudder pedals help the 5' 4" pilot and the 6' 8" pilot

to both fit in a Bristell.