Light Tan with

Black inserts and piping

Standard bright blue cloth interior is no extra charge  

Sleeper Sleeve for graphite golf club handles $3895

Premium Bently Interiors as shown are available for $3295 upgrade

Bentley seats come with hole in seat back as shown in the grey interior

Black leather with with insert and piping

French Stitching

Deluxe Interiors as shown are available for $2295 upgrade

#10 ROLLS Cream

with Black diamond inserts

#5 JAG Light Grey

with red diamond inserts

#7 Charger Cloth- Black

with blue diamond inserts

#4 JAG Light grey

with dark grey inserts

#3 PORSCHE Black

with Red diamond inserts

#2 BMW Charcoal

# 1 Bently Black with yellow narrow inserts

Hand Brake on the stick is available for $1195 upcharge


Standard medium grey panel

All Bentley interiors come with interior canopy painted white

Light grey leather with dark grey horizonal inserts and dark grey piping. Hole in seat back

#8 Charger-medium grey leather with blue diamond inserts

Rudder Pedal Extenders $3895

‚Äč# 1 Bently Red with white piping and white horizontal narrow inserts

#8 Charger Leather-Light Grey with red diamond inserts

#11 Solid Blue cloth Interior-Standard NC

#9 Charger Black with dark grey diamond inserts

#6 Charger Cloth-Light Grey

with blue diamond inserts