Welcome to The Landing Doctor and Bristell Aircraft

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Let us welcome your child to the world of aviation with a 20 minute flying lesson.

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The The Landing Doctor three part landing system protocol helps pilots land soft and safe every time.

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Low Empty Weight 

675 lb EW means 645 lb useful load for the TDO and 720 lb EW for S-SLA

  Storage-128 lbs

  40 lb Storage in the cabin

  for two suitcases plus

  wing lockers hold 44 lb each


Featured Services


 Dual PFD Garmin 10.6" G3X Touch PFD Autopilot  ADS-B Traffic and Weather

Support-Lou Mancuso and his 50+ staff proudly support this awesome airplane.  Available in kit form or S-LSA


Meet Our Leader...Louis Mancuso

Lou is known as "The Landing Doctor" as he has spent his life trying 

to improve the process of teaching new pilots how to land safely.

Lou has created the Personal Limitations Checklist, Ground Proximity Awareness Training and the Defined Go-Around to keep you and your loved ones safe. These safety concepts are part of every Bristell delivery. Our team of factory trained Rotax mechanics will assure your engine's dependability. We have invested thousands of dollars in parts to keep the Bristell fleet in the air and not on the ground.  Your Bristell Light Sport aircraft  is equipped with the latest avionic technology that is easy to use and makes flying sheer fun.  

​​Sebring Flight Academy

Welcome to The Landing Doctor and Bristell Aircraft

Our mission is simple

What is the best Light Sport Aircraft?   Maybe the Bristell as it is the sexiest, widest, lightest, fastest and safest LSA. 

To make you a safer and more efficient pilot with our PLC (Personal Limitation Checklist) and

TLD (The Landing Doctor Protocol).

We are always striving to make our customers ecstatically happy

Within this wed site, you will be introduced to a host of instructional videos and texts.

Your flight instructor will help you enhance your skills, making you a safer and more effective pilot.

You will be introduced to the Light Sport Bristell Aircraft, one of the most affordable and efficient aircraft in the skies today.

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