Design Orange

Deluxe graphics and Paint schemes $7500

View of top of wing for Mirco Pecorari

Design Silver and Burgundy

Rock Star Red graphics or paint

Standard No Charge Blue cloth

Design Grey

Design Silver Blue and black  

#2 Design Blue & Grey & Silver 

Maroon Gold and tan

#1 Mirco Pecorari-Yellow

White and Grey


White base with Grey and Yellow Trim-Checked Tail

Basic two color decals or special one color designs-$3500​​

 All paint is high quality, light weight,  very durable acrylic. 

#6 Speed Skate-Design White and Blue

Design White, Red, Black trim

You may customize any of the paint schemes for a $2000 up charge

#1 Mirco Pecorari-Racing Yellow-red stripe

#3 Pearl Night Blue/Design Blue & White

#5 Design Red & White & Black & Silver

Design Red

Standard No Charge White Paint

Without checkered tail

Metallic red

Design Silver base with Red

# 4 Tequila Design Red & Black & Silver  

White with Red and Black Trim

Design Silver with Red and Black Trim

​​Premium Paint scheme $9500