# 4 Tequila Design Red & Black & Silver  

Design Grey

Design Orange

Design Silver Blue and black  

#2 Design Blue & Grey & Silver 

Maroon Gold and tan

#1 Mirco Pecorari-Yellow

Design Silver and Burgundy

#1 Mirco Pecorari-Racing Yellow-red stripe

#3 Pearl Night Blue/Design Blue & White

White and Grey

#5 Design Red & White & Black & Silver

White base with Grey and YellowTrim-Checked Tail

Design Red

Rock Star Red graphics or paint

Standard No Charge White Paint

​​Premium Paint scheme $11,500

#6 Speed Skate-Design White and Blue

Design White, Red, Black trim

You may customize any of the paint schemes for a $2000 up charge

Design Silver with Red and Black Trim

Metallic red

Basic two color wraps $5,900   and one color paint schemes $3,900​​

 All paint is high quality, light weight,  very durable acrylic. 

Standard No Charge Blue cloth

Deluxe graphics and Paint schemes $7500 or wrap for $6,900 

White with Red and Black Trim


Without checkered tail

Design Silver base with Red