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 Bristell Shares-How it works KLNS & 5FA1       Rev MAY 2017    N122ZB OR N516BL

A pilot starts with a 1/32nd share for $85/mo and $50/hr. This is prepaid for a cost of $1770.

This allows 15 hours within 6 months.

         The total wet hourly cost comes to $118 per hour, with no minimums and 1 week exclusive use
 If a pilot chooses to buy a 1/16TH share, his total cost for 30 hours of use is $3500 prepaid.

         The total wet hourly cost comes to $115 per hour, with no minimums and 3 weeks of exclusive use      

The cost brake down as follows: 

$5,750 financed with interest only at 12% APR. The pilot signs a walk away note.

You can always walk away from the note at anytime with no costs.

Prospective shareholder must complete “The Landing Doctor” 6 hour LSA Transition Course and earn a Bristell Challenge coin. They must pass the Bristell/Rotax quiz and compete a Personal Limitations Checklist, which will be sent with the all payments to Sport Flying USA, Inc. PO Box 623 Remsenburg, NY 11960.
The cost of hangar and insurance is $27.50 per month for each 1/32nd share.

 Shareholders get exclusive use for 3 weeks per year, spaced one week every 4 months.

When you want to fly you post your name on Teamup, our scheduling APP.

When it is not your week, you text whose week it is and request use of the plane.

Each 1/16th share is allowed 30 hours per year.

 If you exceed your allotted hours, you can buy hours for $150/hour wet from the primary shareholder.

Other costs;
Your hourly costs are $50 per hour and are broken down as follows:
Fuel charge is $30 per hour (100LL or 93 Oct auto gas)
Maintenance reserve account contribution is $20 per hour.

You must complete the LSA Transition Course and earn a Bristell Challenge coin prior to acceptance.  

You can earn a Challenge Coin by;
Landing on the main gear within the first 400 feet of the runway.
Landing with the centerline between the main gears with no side load.
Initiating a go around after 300 feet without touching the nose gear. 
Being sure the nose is not too high upon initiating the go around.

This must be done on a day with a minimum of a 6 knot crosswind.

Other rules;

You will be limited to a 6 knot crosswind component for the first ten hours.
The primary shareholder or his assignee will have access to the aircraft for 3 weeks per year and will use the aircraft for demo flights and pay the appropriate hourly fee.  

The primary shareholder has the right to sell the plane if he fails to sell enough shares.

 Bristell Shares allows students with a $300 additional annual charge for added insurance costs.

Bristell shares has a reciprocal agreement with other participating Bristell share programs throughout the USA. 

Bristell shares’ goal is to limit the number of shareholders to 9 or less for insurance reasons.

All shareholders will graduate GPA training prior to solo.

WALK AWAY CLAUSE….A shareholder may walk away from his share by returning his stock certificate and not be responsible for the balance of his loan payments.
All scheduling will be done through the Team Up App.

COST:  $85/mo    $50 PER HOBBS HOUR WET-15 hrs in 6 months-1/32nd   Total costs $1770 or $118/hr

Best deal:   Pay for 30 hours of use with fuel for a total of $3500 and have an hourly cost of $115 per hour.


Lou Mancuso 516-658-1847



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Walk Away Promissory Note   rev:April 2017

$ 5,750.00 principal   

FOR VALUE RECEIVED, _________________,  promises to pay to Sport Flying USA, Inc., his heirs, successors and assigns, the principal sum of $5,750.00. The note shall be paid at a later date, and financed interest only at 12% APR. 

All sums due here under shall be payable to Sport Flying USA, Inc. at the following address:

            PO BOX 623
            Remsenburg, NY, 11960

    Or at such other place as Louis Mancuso his heirs, successors and assigns may specify in writing.

This Note is secured by a .05575 share of stock in Sport Flying USA, Inc. which represents use of a Bristell N______ for up to 15 hours per year with one exclusive week use. This is a 1/32nd share in the Bristell Share program.


In the event ______________, shall default in payment of any installment of principal when the same shall become due and payable hereunder and such default shall not be cured within thirty (30) days, then the holders of this Note may, at their option, take possession of the aircraft and the buyer shall forfeit all monies paid to date. In that event, _____________ shall not be liable for any portion of the unpaid note and can SIMPLY WALK AWAY with no obligation whatsoever.


This Note is non-negotiable.

Dated: ____________________         


By:    __________________________________



By:    __________________________________

                                                                        Louis Mancuso

              Sport Flying USA, Inc.   

​​Lease a Bristell...$11,000 down and $1452 per month

  • Extremely comfortable-wider than a Cirrus
  • Amazing climb rates as high as 1100 FPM
  • Wonderful canopy design assures easy positive closing, a tight fit that keeps the heat in, and awesome visibility
  • Modern Rotax engines get the Bristell light sport aircraft to 15,500 feet in less than 30 minutes on 5 GPH mogas
  • Garmin Avionics and Autopilot will make you gleeful
  • ​The Bristell is strong as evidenced by the Vne of 157 KIAS

All Bristell Shares flying club potential members become eligible to purchase a shares in one of our Bristell shares aircraft after they complete a PLC, the information Quiz, and earn a Bristell challenge coin. To earn a coin the pilot must land within 400 feet of the desired touch down spot on a day with a minimum of 6 knots crosswind. The pilot must land on the main wheels and on the center line with no crab and track straight down the runway. The nose must be held slightly off the runway for 300 feet while the aircraft energy is dissapated. A go-around is then initiated without letting the nose get too high. The pilot will accelerate to Vy of 67 knots while remaining in ground effect.

Lou Mancuso is proud to bring you Bristell Shares, a flying club that combines "The Landing Doctor" three part training protocol with the efficient ,comfortable, and affordable Bristell LSA. Our Bristell Shares flying club concept is guided by by-laws that Lou has been using for over 15 years in his 1975 Turbo Seneca partnership.