G3X Touch:Controlling your Com and TXP

GARMIN G3X Touch:G3X Connect

Garmin G5 Tutorial

Garmin GTN 650 49 Minute Lesson

G3X Touch-Displays

Look at this video of vibration testing that is being done at the BRM Aero Factory

EAA Webinar:Garmin G3X Touch Essentials

This is an example of intelligent use of a Bristell in IMC. It is an E-LSA, with proper avionics, flown in warm weather with VMC  under the clouds. Watch the last five minutes and observe another perfect landing by Jeff.

G3X Touch:Inset Windows

Garmin GTN 650 5 minute intro

6' 8" Drew Whitaker gets into a Bristell LSA Aircraft

G3X Touch:Engine Monitoring Capabilities

G3X Touch:Back up battery

G3X Touch:Interactive Maps


GPA, Ground Proximity Awareness training will teach you how to make safe landings. Once completing GPA training and earning your challenge coin you will never make a bad landing like the one in this video.

Here are some great GARMIN G3X TOUCH educational videos

G3X Touch-Navigating Direct To

Garmin G3X Touch Operating Autopilot

Bristell in Flight. Join Jeff A on some of his flights out west. Go to You Tube..

          Petit Prince Flights

Garmin GMA 345 Audio Panel


youtube Bristell in the Sky.....see the TDO, Tail Dragger Option in the sky