G3X Touch:Controlling your Com and TXP

GARMIN G3X Touch:G3X Connect

G3X Touch-Displays

EAA Webinar:Garmin G3X Touch Essentials

This is an example of intelligent use of a Bristell in IMC. It is an E-LSA, with proper avionics, flown in warm weather with VMC  under the clouds. Watch the last five minutes and observe another perfect landing by Jeff.

G3X Touch:Inset Windows

6' 8" Drew Whitaker gets into a Bristell LSA Aircraft

G3X Touch:Engine Monitoring Capabilities

G3X Touch:Back up battery

G3X Touch:Interactive Maps


GPA, Ground Proximity Awareness training will teach you how to make safe landings. Once completing GPA training and earning your challenge coin you will never make a bad landing like the one in this video.

Here are some great GARMIN G3X TOUCH educational videos

G3X Touch-Navigating Direct To

Garmin G3X Touch Operating Autopilot

Bristell in Flight. Join Jeff A on some of his flights out west. Go to You Tube..

              Petit Prince Flights


youtube Bristell in the Sky.....see the TDO, Tail Dragger Option in the sky