The best LSA is the Bristell due to its wing lockers and easy to reach storage behind the seats and Bristell is the only importer that has Products Liability Insurance for your protection.




13.2 volts,16 Amp hour, PCA 840 CCA 400, Weight 5 lbs, Life 8 years, charge...15 volts maximum

ETX 900 has a Battery Management System built into the top of the battery. BMS is a Rotax requirement.


Sliding windows add great ventilation

Sleeper insert for one adult. Weighs about 5 lbs. It is not to be used in flight as the aft CG would be very dangerous. 


Bristell...The Best Light Sport Aircraft

Bright LED in wing recognition lights help other pilots see the Bristell as well as make visibility during night landings great. They are a big safety factor.

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Battery Box

earthX ETX900 LiFePO4 Lithium-ion Battery

earthX Jump Pack/flashlight

earthX quick connect 20 inch battery

charging cables w/SAE connections

earthX 5.0 amp battery charger


Upgrading to the 912 iS Sport fuel injected engine adds more torque at top cruise speeds, less fuel burn, and eliminates the need to balance the carburetors every 200 hour. The Rotax 915 ULS 130 HP Turbo engine is also available.


Wheel fairings add about 2 knots to your cruise and make the Bristell just dead sexy.

Pedal extenders allow those 5 foot tall pilots to comfortably operate the rudder pedals. Planes quipped with pedal extenders will have hand brakes only.

Our Bristell Spitfire has retractable landing gear and can be ordered with the 914 ULS 135 HP Turbo charged Rotax engine.

Ballistic rescue system

Upgrading to dual Garmin synthetic vision G3X touch screens with autopilot, weather and traffic enhance safety by reducing the pilot work load and increasing traffic and terrain awareness.

Luxury cloth and leather seats are available for your Bristell.

Water tight wing lockers in each wing hold 44 lbs each





earthX ETX900 Lithium Battery is the only approved Lithium battery for the  Rotax 912 iS Sport